2 Nutrition Tips

1) Appropriate nutrition: While it was mentioned earlier that you are probably looking to get healthy by working out because you discovered that diet alone is not enough, you should still be mindful of what you eat and what you do not eat. While no diet is perfect, and cheat days and desserts are even necessary for mental health, do try to give your body what it can use, rather than what it can store. Once you start working out, you will start looking at high calorie and junk foods differently, as you’ll start seeing them not as tasty sweets, but instead more hours of exercise you can spare yourself by not eating them in the first place.

2) Proper hydration: Having enough water in your body is necessary for it to flush toxins out and let waste go, but it is also critical so you can cool yourself down when exercising. Even with light exercise, it is a good idea to have two glasses per meal and servings immediately before and after working out. Heavier workout schedules might necessitate sports drinks that replace electrolytes.

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