New SEO Trends 2018

Businesses will continue to face new challenges with online marketing strategies. Search engine optimization will remain the best way to obtain organic traffic. There are some St. Louis SEO trends that will continue to dominate 2018 SEO strategies.

Content Is King
While this adage still holds true, just filling the page with any type of content is not going to work. There must be substance in the content. Long form contents that provide useful information to the users will continue to hold importance. There is demand for dense content that relates accurately to the search term. The written content must be optimized for high visibility in search engines. Long form contents perform better in search results. There is no fixed rule though. The main goal is to provide value to the users. The content should encourage further actions and engagements from the users.

Most Internet users are being warned constantly about the dangers of online security risks. Websites are being advised to comply with the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure standard. It ensures a higher level of security for both the website owners and users. The cost of switching to HTTPS is not high. It offers a higher level of security against known risks. It is a strong signal to search engines that the website is serious about online security and user protection.

Mobile Friendly Websites
The number of searches conducted on mobile devices has surpassed searches made through desktop computers. At the same time, the number of searches conducted through desktop computers still remains significant. It has become imperative for website owners to design their website for different types of devices. They cannot overestimate the importance of one type of device over other devices. A responsive web design optimized for both mobile and desktop screens works best. Some websites are going for mobile first strategies but they should not forget the users of other devices.

User Experience
Search engines place a lot of importance on the user experience. People visiting a website should be able to navigate it quickly and easily. They should find what they are searching immediately, preferably on the first page they land. The web page and all its contents and elements must load quickly. Fast web page loading, mobile optimized edition, low bounce rates and engaging contents are some of the indications that show the search engines why a website is being preferred over others by online users. There are many techniques that website developers use for fast rendering of web pages irrespective of the device being used to access the website. A website must offer reliable performance on several parameters to rank higher in search results.

Long Phrase Search Keywords
People no longer limit their searches to short keywords. Now they are looking for specific search terms. Many users now type long phrase search keywords while searching particular information. Search engines want to personalize search results for all types of users. Websites that meet such specific demands rank higher in search results. Search engines now track people through various channels and mediums. They track online activities of their users to gather different types of data. It helps them customize the search results and offer the most relevant web pages in the search result list.

The Importance of Micro Data and Metadata
Search engines rely on this type of data to analyze and rank websites. Micro data is sourced from reviews, events, blogs, and forums. Websites can take help of plugins and support from professional St. Louis SEO experts to fulfill these requirements. All web pages of a website must contain the required metadata in the right form and at the right place. The type of keywords used in the metadata must be researched well. It helps rank higher in search results.

Shareable Contents
Search engines look for increased user engagement with the content. They can track if the content is being shared across different channels. Contents that are not being shared indicate less or no engagement from the users. Search engines do not rely solely on website contents for ranking; they also check social media websites, blogs and forums to see what type of websites and contents people are sharing. Just posting high-quality contents on the website is not sufficient; such contents must be shareable and increase user engagement.

A St. Louis SEO agency can help understand and comply with all such requirements. It is important to compare records of several SEO companies to find Delaware SEO agency – the #1 company that offers the best SEO services. Search engines regularly change their search algorithms so it is necessary to keep abreast with latest SEO trends. These SEO trends will continue to dominate in 2018 while new trends will also emerge.

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